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Mobile apps are built to give clients and users the productivity assistance and the ease to reach. Now it is a trend to build an app for all kind of businesses and even for mobile games, GPS and location-based services, factory automation, order-tracking, and ticket purchases. This makes almost a million apps available for the users.

Apps or applications run on different OS and are designed accordingly. Building an app is not easy and the developers need help to develop an app. This help is from tools which are designed to make the work easy and so we here share the names and details of the few.

The category of mobile app development tools

Tools can be divided into categories which can be from Mobile Analytic Tools, Cross-Platform App Development Tools, Mobile App Development frameworks, iPhone Mobile App development tools, AR (Augmented Reality) Tools, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools, Advertising Tools, Push notification Tools.

These categories make the developer access millions of tools. But, the plethora of options is actually confusing, so the right way is to first establish the requirement and then figure out the relevant tool.

Why these tools are so popular?

The cross-platform mobile development tools are so handy for the developers that they are actually always in pursuit of the best one.  It is so because there are so many different types of devices which the developers need to design and run the apps for.

Developers who want to release their app/ apps on to as many app stores as possible, they need them to support multiple platforms. It is so because these apps have to run on so many kinds of phones and tablets.

So, these tools are a godsend for the developers and therefore we have curated the information of such tools for developers.

It is here that we present the Best Mobile App Development Tools For 2019

1. Xamarin

Xamarin is the preferred choice and there are reasons for the same. Xamarin recycles business logic layers and data access across platforms. This makes functions such as large amounts of local data, offline mode, and image recognition quite easy while building the app. It is built on the C# programming language. it runs on the .NET which is now the common language infrastructure.

This tool is a blessing for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.

With so many benefits, it also has a mono framework that permits communication with the API of mobile devices. mobile application developers can also create scalable and robust applications as it has a QA and testing features.

Xamarin results in fewer bugs and provides faster time to market. This is because the Lesser codes mean lesser bugs.

2. Appcelerator

As the name suggests, Appcelerator actually is used to “hastens” the app development process. It is because it allows with fewer lines of code the developers to develop or create apps. It supports iOS, Windows, Android, and browser-based HTML5 applications.

The USP of Appcelerator is that it helps the development when the application responds with a web service.

It also has a huge community of developers at the Appcelerator Open Mobile Marketplace. It is where they gather and the developers and users share the platform. it can buy, sell, and share templates, modules, and extensions.

3. PhoneGap

This tool is basically can be used for creating a single app. The best part is that it works on all types of mobile devices. It works on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There are several libraries which are integrated with the framework to improve and enhance the functionality.

This feature saves a lot of time and effort.

Because it is a flexible tool, it requires really less effort to develop on various platforms. The plug-in built or architecture does extend the functionality of the tool.

4. Adobe Build

This is a cloud-based tool and does work with other tools like Cordova or PhoneGap. It has the specialty to do the code compilation which actually helps developers to pursue their goals. It also accelerates the delivery of the end result and enhances the quality of deliverables.

With this tool, the deadlines can be met easily and can be helpful in maintaining or managing a portfolio of apps with the feature of quick updates and maintenance.

5. MonoCross

The benefit of MonoCross is that it supports the development of cross-platform apps. The apps with the C#, Microsoft .NETand the Mono context can use it for their use.

Developers can recollect and use the memory of the coding of application, controller, and model across different platforms. This can be done while playing with the platform container and the view which here means the user-interface.

This actually helps them to deliver a native experience across all key platforms. businesses can cope with the rapid changes in platforms as the app porting is easier with this tool.

One more pointer to this app is that Using MonoCross requires only C# and .NET compatibility.

6. Kony AppPlatform

It is amazing as it supports a wide range of backend systems and also has plenty of samples which help as a guide or library for the developers. It a most opted app development framework of the enterprises who are looking for solutions to the growing demand for mobile apps.

cross-platform apps as well as native apps can be built by developers who have skills in JavaScript.

The drag and drop features are a great aspect to this app and also to review and cross check the API connectivity is awesome with the help of this tool.

7. Convertigo

Convertigo can be understood with its unique feature of a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) platform and offers products like Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Server, Convertigo Cloud, and Convertigo Mobilizer. With so many aspects, it brings ease to the app development for enterprises.

Convertigo features Fullsync which is a data replication technology. This helps with building apps with offline mode.

It has the connectivity with spread enterprise data with connectors as SQL databases or web services. Convertigo also supports Cordova plugins which can make use of device’s features like GPS, camera, sensors, etc.

Finally, its push notifications work in standby mode.

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